I paint with the aim of aesthetically capturing the theory of the sublime, that which we perceive to be powerful, limitless and beyond us. I am searching for the unknown, for what laws of nature may lay beyond our understanding and control and for such truths about the world that enlighten us.


Through my abstract resin paintings I explore these ideas by allowing nature to create on my behalf.  I paint with resin that I have coloured, poured and heated together. The heat starts a chemical reaction between the materials that leads to the organic creation of the patterns and forms found within each piece. The stunning vibrancy of colour and mesmerising entropy is captivating, making each painting exceptionally beautiful and spiritual as it embodies a power beyond humanity.


The choice of fantastical colours add emotion, fantasy and illusions, letting one get lost in the work, hypnotised by the aura and shapes that can form in ones mind’s eye. Each painting will have a sole power over its viewer, as everyone will engage with a painting differently and have a unique and individual experience.


Finally, I like to challenge and play with the appearance of a painting by using light and photography. The refractive qualities of resin allow different lights to have a dazzling effect. The paintings completely change in colour and vibrancy creating a new atmosphere and ambience that overwhelms you. I use macro-photography to capture the smallest of details in each painting that might otherwise be missed. Both these techniques allow one to experience the work in a different way and tests what the materials can do.


Through my paintings, I don’t aim to insight the sublime but question it. I combine the power of aesthetics with nature’s law to create moving and emotive experiences of beauty, colour and light. My work I see as study of interaction parallel to nature’s creation that aspires to enchant and fascinate one while provoking thoughts and sentiments towards our surrounding world.


© Christina Andrews

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